Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Simple Musings

Why does simplicity seem so difficult to obtain? Do the basic desires of human instinct and will really hold so much weight that they can make you want things that you have reasoned you clearly do not want? Does time erode away your senses of logic and understanding along with absence?

I'm trying to ask this on a much more theoretical/metaphysical level but the core question is are humans supposed to be complex creatures? Are we naturally supposed to function in an inherently intricate way? Is this just how we are? And is it a revolt against human nature to try and grasp for simple things?

Or am I merely missing the fact that this may be a case by case thing? Because some people get by with seemingly simple lives..but perhaps it requires a complex conditioning to reach that simplicity that all parties involved are unaware of?

To be normal after all is to lead a simple life with a simple career with a simple personality and simple friends. But then you have to factor in the intricacies of the relationships, the consciousness of each individual, and the usefulness of these career driven people as nuts and bolts in a machine. We humans seems to be a species that build complex structures around simple blocks. We're the bricks to a building.

So then perhaps one is stuck wallowing in introverted agony if they pass a certain level of awareness and intelligence. Perhaps they become too obsessed with the idea that they are pillars and start to try and accommodate their relationships by making them as simple as possible. But given our very nature as human beings to build complex things on simple blocks, we are doomed to make a myriad of mistakes and miscalculations. All for the sake of being "smart." So then are we tortured for our higher thoughts instead of rewarded? Is insanity our subconscious goal instead of our fear?

So then this lack of grasping simplicity leads us to go back and forth on things. All our reasoned excuses and opinions become susceptible to things that don't fit into the mold of all this complexity. So in a reach for simple things we are doomed BY simple things. These things lead to contradictions and inconsistency.

Ah, inconsistency; I don't think it's okay to have inconsistency with thoughts and feelings. One should stick on a singular opinion and go with it. Find your one true thought and then evaluate it, challenge it, and then get it cemented until a Good Point forces the process over again. One should not just randomly do the opposite without good reasoning. But then again...

What if inconsistency is the only true and universal human characteristic?