Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dear My Friend

Okay so yeah I have to tell you something and that is this: man my blog sucks and you knew this whole time didn't you? You really did. I guess I was trying to conform to some standard of writing and I don't think that has panned out for me very well. I tried to be introspective and give glimpses of my emotions and life and feelings and thoughts and it ended up sinking in like a puddle or something.

You see my thoughts are about as shallow as a puddle it's funny. Don't you get it?

Well anyways I'm starting on a new slate I'm going to delete all my previous posts. Yes every single one they are going bye and there's no point in feeling nostalgic. Now all my posts that I make are going to be addressed solely to YOU. I don't even have to answer the question of "who you are" or make any sort of attempt to convey what kind of person you are.

Because if you're reading this you already know who you are. You're the person who shares my same kind of interests, my same kind of search for understanding and knowledge, my same kind of brutal honesty. You're a person who will actually respond and talk about what I have to say and give counter-points and your own ideas. Me and you we're like a river man. Y'know? Our thoughts and ideas just flow together and we give them to another person and they keep the river going. It's a really long river and there are lots of snakes and fish and maybe even alligators too.

But we survive the nastiness and the poisonous animals and we dissuade each other from doing bad things. Maybe sometimes you and I we don't always agree and there are rocks in the river and the water crashes against them but hey that's okay because the water goes around those rocks and it keeps flowing because all we need to keep going is openness and imagination.

So I'm going to tell you this: you're not real. You're an abstraction and an idea. Maybe to yourself you're solid and tangential but to me you're not. And I'm not real to you either. We just channel each other. But that's fine because that's life.

So if you feel like it keep coming here and I'll have new things to tell you because I don't stop thinking I keep going and if you don't like what I have to say then you're not who you think you are: you're not you. Because only you would feel like reading this. So read.

Your friend,